About TBC Installs

Tracy Becker Construction, Inc. is a women owned and operated company since September 17, 1997. Our business is customer service and we happen to install doors while providing that service.  

Our team of qualified door technicians follow our process to make sure your door project is completed in a clean and efficient manner.  Our install teams are consistently praised from our customers for arriving on time, quality craftsmanship and excellent service they receive.  

Whether you are getting ready to list your property for sale, or just bought your forever home, TBC can help with all your door needs.  A new front door brings curb appeal. Your patio door can be changed to french wood hinged or to a sliding door for all the comforts while you entertain your loved ones.

We have served our community by helping customers repair or replace their doors with medical emergencies.  We have also helped several customers secure their homes who are victims of domestic violence by installing new doors and deadbolt lock sets.  We take pride in helping our veterans by providing the means to remain independent with ADA door sills that allow them to come in and out of their home with ease.

We are thrilled to be your Service Provider and look forward to our continued working relationship and hope you tell your friends and family about us.